1. Food and Drink

Particularly drivers who try to eat their breakfast while on the way to work. Along with not having two hands on the wheel while eating and driving, you also take your eyes off the road when picking up a food or drink item.

2. Music

Fiddling with the radio, CD player and iPod means you’re not paying attention to the most important thing: the road in front of you.

3. Cell Phone

Even with hands-free technology, using a cell phone while you’re driving means you’re not mentally focused on your existing surroundings.

4. Text Message and Social Media

Texting or using social media while driving has the biggest growing problem when it comes to distracted driving, particularly with teenagers. An average text takes 5-10 seconds to type. Not paying attention to your surroundings for that same amount of time while driving can lead to deadly consequences.

5. Rubbernecking

Motorists slowing down to look at an accident take their eyes off the road ahead and risk causing another accident.

6. Cosmetics

If you’re applying make-up, perfume or lipstick while driving, you don’t have both hands on the steering wheel and you’re probably looking at your cosmetic mirror instead of what’s in front of you. Do those things after you reached your destination.

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