Did you know that car accidents are the number one annual cause of teen fatalities in the United States? With the summer break, graduation ceremonies, parties, and other recreational activities, this is a crucial time for parents to remind their teens to focus on driving safely and paying full attention to the road in front of them.

Here are some driving tips for parents to discuss with their teens before they get behind the wheel this summer:

Set a curfew

Teens want to enjoy their newfound independence by driving at night, but they need to be aware of their physical limits. Staying out late can lead to drowsy driving which could potentially lead to an accident, so have them return home safely at a reasonable hour.

Don’t be distracted

Distracted driving has quickly become an increasing problem with the use of cell phones and texting, now causing one in five motor vehicle accidents. Have your teen driver stay focused on the road by not using his or her phone until they reach their destination.

Don’t have your teen drive or ride with too many friends in one vehicle

Too many minors in one car can lead to a distracted driver who should be concentrating on the road instead. Hawaii driving laws restrict the number of minors in a vehicle at night driven by another minor.

Buckle up

Studies have shown your chances of surviving a vehicle crash increases by 45 percent when buckling up. It’s also the law.

For more traffic safety tips, go to our Drive Aloha website at www.drivealoha.com.


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