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Drive Aloha Community Partners

With ever increasing traffic and aggressive driver behavior on our busy roadways, DTRIC Insurance and community leaders have teamed up to unveil a new traffic safety and courteous driving awareness campaign to encourage residents to “Drive Aloha.”

The “Drive Aloha” campaign, initiated by DTRIC Insurance, is a community effort to educate drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in practicing safe and courteous behavior by reminding everyone to take responsibility for their actions on the streets.

Drive Aloha goes beyond an awareness campaign, we’re asking people make a commitment to safe and courteous driving and encouraging their family and friends to do the same. This is truly a community initiative and we’re thankful for the support from our partners from the state, city, private sector, and other community organizations.

The goal of “Drive Aloha” is to encourage people to be courteous drivers, embrace positive behaviors and practice the ALOHA spirit to make the road safer and friendlier for everyone, while eliminating bad commuting habits such as distracted driving through use of cell phones, running a red light, jaywalking, speeding and cutting off another driver, which all lead to accidents that could be avoided through safer behavior.

Michele Saito, President & CEO

DTRIC Insurance

#DriveAloha Partners
Mahalo to our partners!
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