With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, drivers need to be mindful of keiki travelling through your neighborhood. Take this traffic safety quiz on ways to keep our young trick-or-treaters safe on October 31:


How fast should you be driving through residential neighborhoods on Halloween night and why?

  1. A) Below the listed speed limit
  2. B) At the listed speed limit
  3. C) Well above the speed limit


Correct answer: A. Driving below the posted speed limit in residential areas allows you time to better react and brake your vehicle if a child darts in front of you.

Always be aware of the situation around you as you drive, particularly at crosswalks, intersections and the side of the road. Children tend to walk along the curbs, cutting across the street to get to other homes for candy.

When you see other vehicles stopped along a neighborhood street on Halloween night, what should you do?

  1. A) Cut around the stopped vehicle and continue.
  2. B) Slowly accelerate forward.
  3. C) Stop as well.


Correct answer: C. The stopped driver could be dropping off children or may be stopping for children crossing the street. Also, don’t use a cell phone or any other electronic devices that can take your eyes off the road while driving on Halloween night (or any other time of the year).

Your little trick-or-treater should have what of the following on hand to be more visible on Halloween night?

  1. A) Glow sticks
  2. B) Dark clothing
  3. C) Reflective tape
  4. D) Flashlight


Correct answers: A and C. Portable glow sticks and reflective tape affixed to costumes help keep your child visible to drivers. These can also be made as a fun item for them to wear or hold. Should there be a note to select all possible answers?

Flashlights are also helpful, but it is suggested that adults or older children hold them to prevent the light from shining in an oncoming driver’s eyes.

What are some safe alternatives to trick-or-treating in your neighborhood?

  1. A) Commercially-produced haunted houses
  2. B) Halloween-theme event at local shopping center, church or library
  3. C) Hold your own Halloween party for your child and his or her friends
  4. D) All of the above


Correct answer: D. There are numerous safe alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating. But with other children attending these events and activities, always be mindful of them as well while driving to your destination.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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