With public and private school and college-age students heading back to class this month, August is also Drive Aloha Month to encourage motorists to drive cautiously.

Our Drive Aloha traffic safety campaign celebrates its 2nd anniversary this month. DTRIC Insurance initiated the campaign in August 2016 in a concerted effort to heighten driver awareness of children walking and bicycling to school.

The Drive Aloha campaign is a community effort to educate and encourage drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to practice safe and courteous behavior. It promotes accountability by reminding everyone to take responsibility for their actions on the streets.

There were 106 statewide fatalities in 2017 related to traffic accidents. Of that figure, 14 were pedestrians, and 31 of those fatalities involved bicycles or motorized scooters.

While statewide traffic fatalities in 2017 were down from the previous year, 106 traffic deaths last year are still 106 too many. Let’s all work together to keep everyone safe along our roads and highways!

Drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and all commuters can take the Drive Aloha pledge at www.drivealoha.com to demonstrate their commitment to practicing safer and more courteous road habits.

As part of Drive Aloha Month, we sign-waved in front of the State Capitol last week to remind drivers to watch for students heading back to class in August.

Mahalo to the various community groups who came out that day to remind drivers to watch for students as they head back to school!

Thanks to the 65 volunteers who came out to sign-wave, to Governor David Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell for their Drive Aloha Month proclamations, and to KHON for covering the event.

Our sponsors from Lex Brodie’s, Aloha Gas, and DTRIC Insurance seen here holding the proclamations. 


Short recap of the sign waving at the State Capitol.


Our friends at Ka Wahi Kaiaulu seen here sign waving near Farrington Highway. 


Mahalo to Our Drive Aloha Partners

The Drive Aloha campaign is a true community partnership. We all have a stake in making our road safer and we are proud to have the support of great companies and organizations like these!

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