“Taking your eyes off the road for one second can change your life forever.”

This coming April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Distracted driving is anything that diverts the driver’s attention from their primary focus.

While all forms of driver distractions are extremely dangerous, texting while driving is among the worst, as it involves all three types of distraction, manual, visual, and cognitive. Distracted driving via use of cell phones and texting has also quickly become the number one cause of accidents among teens, now causing one in five motor vehicle crashes.

But there are other forms of distracted driving that are just as dangerous to everyone around you. Here are some examples, along with three basic safety tips:

1. Be set before starting the car.

Adjust mirrors, seats, radio, GPS, and other devices before starting your commute.


2. Both eyes are on the road.

ALWAYS keep your eyes forward to quickly react to last-second driving situations. While driving, don’t turn around to talk to your child sitting in the back or bend down to pick up something.


3) Both hands on the wheel.

This includes not adjusting with the car stereo or air conditioner, eating, or even shaving with an electric razor or putting on make up!


As a family, take the Drive Aloha pledge for safer driving by not texting and performing other dangerous forms of distracted driving. To learn other traffic safety tips, go to our website at www.drivealoha.com.




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